Linked mirror series (2023)
A mirror changes its shape depending on what it reflects. Similarly, plastic can either become waste or be given new life, depending on how we use it. This project is designed to provide an intuitive connection between oneself and plastic, emphasizing the awareness that we have a close relationship with it. Linked Mirror aims to connect recycled plastic and the self to emphasize that we are the agents of action.

Five mirrors made from a 1m x 1m recycled plastic board are placed sequentially, allowing us to face the social phenomenon from the perspective of both the individual to society. When you look into the smallest mirror, you only see yourself, but as you move to larger mirrors, you start to see the people around you and the surrounding background. By creating all the mirrors from one 1m x 1m recycled plastic board, from the smallest mirror (the individual) to the largest mirror (society), we aim to express that all entities are connected.