Sabang Recycled plastic shelf (2023)
In contrast to the durability of plastic as a material, we are facing the pressing issue of plastic being produced and discarded too easily. To address this serious problem and rediscover the functionality and beauty of materials we consider as "waste," this project was initiated.

Our goal was to design objects with a long life cycle using reclaimed plastic boards, leading to the creation of Sa-Bang. The Sa-Bang design aims to produce products that can remain useful even after 100 years, much like the inherent durability of plastic materials.

Designs that represent a particular era undergo changes over time, even when they possess enduring durability, as they may no longer fit the evolving ambiance of contemporary living spaces. To avoid becoming obsolete in modern society and to remain relevant today, we drew inspiration from the characteristics of traditional Korean furniture dating back to the Joseon era, which holds its relevance in our lives even a century later.